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What we do?

Terroir & Spice is an independent network of agencies and partners dedicated to F&B industry. We provide marketing and communication solutions in all the Asia Pacific region. We want to contribute to the exchange of culinary culture throughout Asia Pacific and to a better understanding of challenges and opportunities.

We want to contribute to the exchange of culinary culture throughout Asia Pacific and to a better understanding of challenges and opportunities. Our core values are simplicity, flexibility and efficiency.



Market analysis is the first key element to well-position the product on the market. With the experiences and knowledges in F&B, our team is skilled in finding out all datas of trades, industries and governments then turn them into meaningful numbers.
This service offers to our clients a unique perspective on the market landscape and gives clearer roadmap to navigate it with.


How you desire your business to be represented to customers in certain markets? Market positioning has the ability to influence consumer perception by establishing image or identity on a certain product or brand.
With a full understanding of the markets, we help clients to identify the messages which can be successfully communicated in specific markets based on different datas of market analysis and direct / non-direct competitors.


A marketing strategy tells you what to say, how to say it and who to say it to. After having a concrete foundation of the markets, our strategic planning will help you identify the right targets with the right roadmaps.
With the knowledge and expertise of local markets, we apply and connect them into food and beverage industry to help clients reach their goals.


The first step to sell a product is to be seen. We provide a tailor-made service to help our clients exhibit in international trade fairs. From coordinating the stand creation, scheduling appointments, media interviews, networking cocktails to organizing memorable events at the fair, we can create an exclusive package to fit your needs.


We organize all types and tailor made roadshows for our clients to help increasing market exposure and to build new and sustainable partnerships with local contacts. It can be single or multiple products, private or union/associations, media or trade-focused.
We take care of all the details including creative event concept and design, effective meeting scheduling, consistent follow up and feedback.



The best way to promote your product is to train local professionals to know it better and help them to sell it for you. We are expert in organizing professional trainings in food and beverages. Through our broad network of chefs, experts in alcoholic beverages and foodies, we can reach the most suitable target for our clients.


Whether you target journalists, digital savvy influencers or key opinion leaders, we can disseminate your press releases, translated into local languages in the market of your choices via our PR service. Our global team of local experts will take your message to the right people who can talk about your brand, products or services and share them with their expansive and engaged network.


There are some events can help you strengthen the relations with professionals, we offer a variety choice of activities, like banquets, cocktails, trips, team building or MICE for you.



Physical branding is all around us. Experiential marketing is what bring you face-to-face conversations with consumers. Offline events such as tasting activities in super/hypermarkets allow you to feed into public perception and create a strong impression for your products. Also, offline events can give waves of social media, PR or any online campaign.


Undoubtedly we cannot ignore the power on digital sides: social media, online advertising, all data-driven platforms. Creating and managing your online presence via different channels, we make contents of your products / brands to been seen by your targeted audience online.


From traditional advertising to all forms of advertisement that we can see in our daily lives, we help our clients to identify the best platforms to spread out the message to the right audience.


Sponsoring events is a good way to connect people in the real world. It creates a great opportunity for getting real interactions with consumers. By sponsoring different types of events, you can communicate directly with your audience.