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19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA
Washington Apple Commission is one of the oldest commodity commissions in the United States, who helps apple exporters advertise and promote Washington fresh apples across 30 countries around the world.

Go digital

Vietnam & Indonesia

The social influence is now non negligible in this digital era. Social media tools have transformed the way that consumers and brands interact with each other.

T&S has been creating a social media network in Vietnam and Indonesia markets to connect Washington apples with local consumers, building strong brand identity, and delivering key messages and ultimately, consumers put these fresh apples from the USA into their shopping carts.

Content is everything

Understanding what the audience wants to know and see – is the key. Distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content can attract consumers’ attention, and most importantly, make them stay.

From recipe videos, interactive mini games, product information to fitness tutorials, T&S always comes up with eye-catching ideas.

Partnership marketing

Through strategic partnership marketing, we can either unlock a new audience, or target more precisely. T&S team helps Washington Apple to identify the right partners such as trust-worthy KOLs for consumers, grocery E-commerce platforms to cross-promote the products, gym partnerships to target workout lovers, and local retailers to expand digital exposures, raising brand awareness across different platforms to cross-promote Washington Apples.