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About us

Terroir & Spice was established in 2018 in Singapore by 3 partners coming from different cultures, experts in food and beverage.
With this alliance of knowledge and expertise, our aim is to offer our clients a wide network and possibilities all over Asia Pacific.
Our network
Our services cover the following countries

Company offices: Taiwan, Vietnam, Singapore

Partners: Japan, South Korea, China, Hong Kong, Macao, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand.

The team

Terroir & Spice was established in 2018 in Singapore by 3 partners coming from different cultures, experts in food and beverage.

With this alliance of knowledge and expertise, our aim is to offer to our clients a wide network and possibilities all over Asia Pacific.

Grégoire Debré
Passionate about Asia, its culture and history in general, Gregoire has been living in the region for more than 13 years and in different countries. He worked for 10 years in marketing for food and beverage, taking care of greater South East Asia. Understanding the needs of the customers and the particularities of the region he is able to bring them together and to build a comprehensive strategy for the success of marketing campaigns.

Crystal Tsai
COO Taiwan
As a wine enthusiast and WSET lecturer, Crystal worked for different wineries and negociants in Bordeaux and in Alsace before starting her career in marketing agencies. She is specialized in alcohol beverages’ events, thus, she is also a gourmand who stays close to the latest culinary trend and owns vast network among wine professionals and gastronomy chefs in Taiwan and in France.

Yedda Chang
Key Account Director
Passionate about food and drinks, Yedda puts everything she loves about life into her work and works at what she loves.
With Yedda’s professional experiences and expertise in F&B marketing, she accompanies clients all the way from initial concept to solid plans, then helps them achieve their final results.

Trade Marketing Managers in T&S are responsible for planning, overseeing and leading events from scratch through to completion.

We lead the events from planning, executing, monitoring, controlling and at the end to closing.

We make our best to deliver projects on time within the budget, while keeping everyone in the know and satisfied with our efforts.

Maëlle Huang
Trade Marketing Manager Taiwan
With a great passion in the industry and expertise in the Taiwanese market, Maëlle understands the needs of the customers and stays close to the latest food and beverage trend. Maëlle also has a good network in F&B industry in Taiwan.

Vy Pham
Senior Trade Marketing Manager Vietnam
With her professional experiences in F&B industry, Vy has successfully gained multinational clients’ reliability. Vy always gives effective consultations to turn the client’s initial concepts to detailed planning, full execution and exact evaluation.

Myriam Tsai
Trade Marketing Manager Taiwan
With 5 years of marketing experience in French luxury Maisons and Taiwanese FMCG companies, Myriam is passionate about planning and coordinating marketing campaign. Skilled in establishing seamless communication with different stakeholders, she demonstrates her great passions to help the customers achieve their target efficiently.

Communication Managers in T&S are tech-savvy professionals with in-depth knowledge of how digital marketing can help our clients achieve their campaign goals.

Creative thinking, attractive design and localized content are the key elements to build online presence.

Through continuous data analysis, and monitoring, we manage to deliver our digital projects’ life cycle within quality, time, and budget requirements.

Nhung Le
Senior Communication Manager Vietnam
Along with solid experiences in Integrated marketing communication, Nhung always gives her full expertise into her consultancy and execution from conceptualization, creative planning to account management, especially in digital marketing practices.

Tu Pham
Junior Communication Manager Vietnam
With experience and passion working in marketing area over years, Tu has successfully gained client’s reliability by devoting full of her capacity into planning, execution and driving for best project results in account manager and integrated communication.

Yun Wei
Communication Manager Taiwan
Having a deep interest in trending digital marketing technologies, Yun is keen to explore new media possibilities, embrace data and innovations, and achieve the targets with all the clients.

Claresta Harlis
Communication Manager Singapore
Claresta is an all-rounder player who is well versed in digital marketing, design, and business development. Her design background helps her to be critical in defining project objectives, sharp in spotting core issues, and creative in planning project strategies or solutions.

Visuals are the most direct way to communicate with people. Our graphic designers dedicate to create designs with appropriate copy and visuals for local markets.

We provide graphic design services for diverse marketing communications projects across print and digital media that support consistent brand identity.

Tram Tran
Senior Graphic Designer Vietnam
Having experience working as a graphic designer for many clients in the FMCG industry and a passion for Asian food culture, Tram believes herself to have the ability to understand not only the consumer insights but also the needs of clients when it comes to Food and Beverage.

Sunny Chang
Graphic Designer Taiwan
With a high passion in carrying out projects with her design background. Her creativity helps other teams visualize their ideas and achieve project goals also like to discover new restaurants and cafes, inspirations come from all these new discoveries!

Trang Diep
Graphic Designer Vietnam
Trang loves making things look nice. She gets the inspirations from art, music and beautiful things. She’d describe her style very functional, simple and elegant. Being a foodie, she loves food just like the other team members do, which is the reason why she can create good designs for food!

Our financial and administration team is dedicated to help achieve company financial goals and objectives.

With their proficiency and support, we can have an accurate track on the financial status of each project and generate reporting.

An Tran
Finance Manager
Having a solid financial knowledge with a demonstrated history of working in the digital marketing industry, An is strong at budgeting, bontrolling, FP&A, business modeling, and financial process.
She is a business mindset, open-minded and result-oriented person who gives solutions as well as advice to financial related matters with effectiveness

Hang Dao
Admin & HR Manager
With numerous years of experience in admin positions, Hang believes in her ability to support the team in a variety of back-office duties and does not shy away from hard work.
She understands that teamwork plays a tremendous role on the productiveness of the task and appreciates her team members who set their minds to achieve a common goal together.